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I'm a Swedish artist working both in the artistic field of painting and installations

as well as in the musical field.

My love for painting is deep. Painting takes me to places so profound and makes me

express feelings and experiences rarely known to me in advance. I find myself creating

a Conversation beyond the aspects of Time and Place.

Working with objects and installations is another way of creating that Door, the Door to a Wordless Conversation, though I often let my art be accompanied by Poems...

You're welcome to see my Art under "KONST".

After my degree, Master of the Fine Arts, from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm I have continued exploring the Voice with multiple courses in Sweden as well as abroad, Italy, Germany and Finland.

And it was only some years ago I heard the inner voice whispering for my attention, saying that it was now time for me to write my own songs!

What a surprise, and when the words began to flow, they were in French...

so here I am, writing songs in French - chansons!

You're welcome to listen to some of the songs under "MUSIK".



Please, don't hesitate to contact me for further information as well as for bookings!


Susanne Segerholm

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